Abdulbaki Uzun berichtet vom Mobile World Congress: Software Campus Partners@MWC

27.02.2013 -

Software Campus partners were also present at the Mobile World Congress! Deutsche Post AG demonstrated their document management software DocWallet, whereas SAP advertised their mobile services to potential customers on their big booth.

At the booth of the EIT ICT Labs, on the other hand, researchers and students from partnering research institutes demonstrated the projects they are currently working on. One example was the Affective Health project by KTH that aims to prevent stress and burnout in working environments. For this purpose, several parameters from the body are sensed using a watch-like device connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone in order to calculate the "stress level" of a user. The measurements are visualized for the user to see his stress level throughout the day and actions against stress (e.g., short walk in a park) are recommended as soon as a certain stress level is reached.

Another interesting project presented by the Software Campus participant Sandro Castronovo was eVelofin. Here, the ICT components of an electronic bike are connected via a smartphone to a Backend server. An application framework implemented for Android allows the user to turn on/off the battery and gives him the possibility to use the electronic bike with several apps on top of the framework. A typical scenario is a hotel renting their bikes to its guests for little workout sessions in the park.

All in all, I had a lot of fun on my two-days trip to the Mobile World Congress and I am very thankful that the Software Campus gave me the opportunity to experience it. I am really excited to see what Software Campus has in store for me within the next two years!

One negative aspect though were the prices for a lunch meal at the congress. So, be prepared to take some sandwiches with you. :)


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