Your path to Software Campus

About 50 outstanding mastersÂ’ students and doctoral students are accepted to the Software Campus program every year. Successful candidates are given the opportunity to realize and manage their own IT-specific ideas. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research - BMBF - funds every IT project with grants of up to 100,000 Euros for a maximum term of two years. Furthermore, participants get the unique opportunity of advancing their personal and professional development with the support of a mentor who usually is a successful senior executive employed by the industry partner. In special training sessions, Software Campus provides target-driven teaching of methodology and leadership skills as well as social skills. The first-rate network of contacts to the worlds of industry and science opens up new professional career paths to all participants.

Plase find details on the application phase in our newsletter.

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Application Process

First you have to sign in at the online application platform. It contains a Wiki with all necessary information for applicants. Please submit all requested documents online. Moreover, on the platform you will find a list of IT ideas you can choose from if you do not have an own IT idea. If you have submitted all documents, you have to send them.

Another part of the application process is an online test, which consists of elements of various personality as well as intelligence tests. Primarily, the results of the test will serve as a basis for discussion in the later selection interview. The duration of the online test is about 1 hour and the test will be available in several languages. In addition, you will receive the results immediately after the end of the test.

Selection Process

Afterwards the partners review all applications and select the most promising candidates, that will be invited to the Selection Symposium. There the candidates have to win over HR experts from the industry partners. Afterwards our academic partners evaluate the academic qualification of the successful candidates again.

Matching with Industry Partners

Every Software Campus participant cooperates with an academic and an industry partner. If contacts exist already, cooperations will be finalized in that phase. If the candidate has not found a partner yet, Software Campus' Management-Partner EIT ICT Labs Germany will support candidates and partners to find the right match.


Finally, the Steering Comitee of Software Campus decides on the admission of candidates. Successful candidates will receive an email in fall and an official letter of admission. 

What are the prerequisites for application?

Software Campus seeks masters students and doctoral students enrolled in computer science programs from both Germany and abroad with outstanding academic track records and an innovative entrepreneurial spirit. Masters students and doctoral students enrolled in related disciplines are equally invited. It is mandatory, however, that an applicants masters thesis or doctoral thesis is supervised by one of Software Campus partner universities. 

Application prerequisites at a glance:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and interest in executive management roles
  • Enrolment in a masters program or doctoral program either in computer science or in a or computer-science related discipline 
  • Personal innovative IT project idea or an interest in our partners IT ideas 
  • Good command of the German language; German nationality is not mandatory

Deadlines to consider 

  • Applications until: March 24, 2019 midnight (extended)
  • Selection Symposium: May 7 until May 9, 2019 in Berlin
  • June 2019: Admission to Software Campus
  • July 2019: Kick-off-Event in Berlin
  • September 2019: Application for subsidies
  • October 2019: Start of IT project, executive training programs and mentoring

What should your IT idea look like?

Your IT idea should address an innovative topic and include the following elements:

  • Core message (500 characters max.)
  • Objective, research questions and novelty of the project (4,000 characters max.)
  • Integration into Software Campus (1,000 characters max.)
  • Implementation approach/methodology and final results anticipated (2,500 characters max.)
  • Project milestone schedule (simple Gantt chart)
  • Categories
  • Key terms

Which documents do you need to submit?

  • Highlights of your application (highlighting the applications most important aspects at the applicants discretion)
  • The topic of your doctoral thesis or masters thesis (if already available)
  • Letter of motivation (300 words max.)
  • Curriculum vitae in table form
  • Overview of the academic credits achieved
  • Letter of recommendation by at least one professor 
  • Additional transcripts or diplomas (optional)
  • Additional letters of recommendation (optional)
  • Certificate of enrolment or certificate of employment by an academic institution (optional)
  • Documentary evidence of scholarships received (optional)
  • Documentary evidence of academic awards and publications (optional)
  • Academic publications (optional)